Are you getting the "Cannot connect to" error?


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As of February 2013, this process should no longer be necessary. Let us know if this isn't the case.


Hey guys,

Not sure why the email links suddenly broke, but here's a workaround you can do until we get some time to investigate this:

1) Copy the text of the link, beginning with "http" (e.g.,
2) Use a URL-decoder tool (like this one) to decode the URL.
3) Remove "api/2/apps/" from the path.
4) Enter that URL (with "api/2/apps/" gone) into your web browser. If you did it correctly, you should see an "Index of" page containing a file with the ".plist" extension.
5) Click on that file (it's just a special text file), and once it loads in your web browser, copy its URL to your clipboard.
6) Use the URL-encoder/decoder tool to encode the URL.
7) The URL you want to open on your iOS device then becomes:

itms-services://?action=download-manifest&url=the encoded URL you copied in step 6





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