Would like input and ideas on my game.


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I finally got to sit down with stencyl yesterday and came up with this while figuring out how stencyl works. I am looking for ideas and would appreciate it if some people could give me some input on what to change and where to go with it. Thanks!


ipe 369

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Holy poo, haha this is brilliant for your first game :D Lovin' the art style, make more art like that, the world needs it!
Game design wise: The space ship shoots behind? I mean, yeah you have enemies coming from behind, but why if the majority of enemies come from the front? Very peculiar choice, makes it slightly frustrating to control. Also, if you're going to keep this, don't make the spaceship start off at the far left, make him start off in the centre.
The enemy that surprises you from the left hand sides. You should change the graphics to a troll face, because he is a sneaky little bugger :D If you're going to keep him, add a little warning light that warns you when he's coming, or you may just die apparently from nowhere.
You should also add air resistance, because in the midst of all my shooting i failed to notice my shuttle slowly creep towards the right hand side, and i wondered why it was getting hard to dodge them. I then realised, turned around, and flew full speed back to the left hand side, at which point an enemy sprang himself upon me from the left hand side and 'pwned' me.


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Thanks...And I think your right about the deceleration. And It plays a different sound when those are spawned. Guess I should make it more obvious? I plan on adding more to this tonight if i have a few hours. maybe a new alien, a couple power ups, and some sort of leveling and intro screen. Thanks for the input!  :)


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I found the ship difficult to control, so I'd like to suggest making the horizontal and vertical movement more similar.

Also it'd be cool if the enemy ships get destroyed when you dodge them in such a way that they crash into each other.