On ground and similar behaviours not working in 3.0


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Hey all

I'm currently using the 'on ground' behaviour for one of my games it also has a few of the relative behaviours attached to it like 'walking' and 'jumping' etc. The problem is, they don't appear to work in 3.0 and I wondered if anyone else had experienced this and knows of a way to fix it?

I get the feeling that these behaviours are very popular and will probably cause a lot of complaints if they stop working in 3.0.

I'll grab the logs later today


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Gave them a try and i see what you mean, tried the walking and jumping and both give either errors or no response.

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It's likely that those behaviors contain AS3/Flixel code that isn't going to work with HAXE. There's a section of the forums, a thread in fact about the necessary updates to the kits and sample games.
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It could also be that the collision event is not always happening before the always event, which is required for the "on ground" behavior to work.


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Make sure you're using the latest versions packed with 3.0. I'm moving this to captaincomic's queue for a further look should that not work for you.


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Is this is about the Platformer Movement pack (by Greg)?

This pack hasn't been updated to 3.0, only the pre-shipped behaviors and sample games have been updated so far, and I can see a few behaviors by Luryen and rob on Forge.

It would make sense to update it, since it's a really useful pack. But maybe someone could do it who has used it in the past? (I haven't.)

Edit: since it is not really a bug, I'm moving it to Suggestions (as in suggesting to update the pack.)

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Someone has already worked on this pack ?


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Jon (or someone, idk) has updated it. It's now available here: http://www.stencyl.com/developers/samples/