Trailer: Mibibli's Quest


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I've been working on this game forever, I'm hoping to finish it soon though.

For a bit of fun, I made a trailer, hope you guys like it!! The game is massive, the video only shows a fraction of all of what's in it. I'm really excited about it, I think some people will really love it when it's released. :)



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Wow, a platformer that resembles megaman but has some unique blends in there like the DDR elements and that one street fighter scene.  :)

Nicely done. I can see that a ton of effort was made. You displayed a lot of little things that make the game up, and considering you said this is a small portion... !

Amazing stuff.


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Why not a Kickstarter, dude? your game is so promising!


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I add a third 'amazing', because it looks soo amazing. ;)


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I really liked the trailer and I'm looking forward to playing it when it comes out.

Why not a Kickstarter, dude? your game is so promising!
Kickstarter is for funding something that otherwise couldn't exist. This exists.


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This looks great! Its refreshing to see something with polish! Very excited.


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Looking really great! Lots and lots of different gameplay mechanics going on. Love it!
Also a great inspiration to work on a trailer myself.
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Thanks everyone. :) For anyone who liked the look of it from the trailer I doubt you'll be disappointed by the finished thing, I put a lot of care into the balance and gameplay details and, similar to a retro megaman game, it's really compact for the amount of content. There's no slogging or grinding.

Why not a Kickstarter, dude? your game is so promising!
I wouldn't do a kickstarter because I have no use for money in creating this game, thanks though.


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Really liked it. It's always admirable seeing people work with such unique style.


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Looks even more fantastic than that demo you initially started with. Love the DDR mechanic - never seen that used in this kind of context before.


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Oh. holy shit. This game was one of the first ones I ever checked out on stencyl (the demo version) and I wondered how to do all that. That was a really long time ago.

This looks awesome.


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That video made me super happy just watching it!  I can't wait to play it!


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The video looks cool. I am shocked :o
This is a great idea. :o
I say. That Speaker Dude Has to be changed into somthing else :o
Good "NES" Graphics there THAT I like. :o

Go Green Everyone and you will be lucky! :o

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Thanks everyone. :)