Where are you from ?


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Colorado, U.S.A

Don't tread on me!

Don't tread on my gun rights!   8) 8) 8)


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" مرحباً أيها العالم " - Hello world ! in Arabic ... :P


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I am from London UK, the home of Construct 2 hee hee  :D


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I am from Portugal.. ;) Aye!


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Hi Folks:

Massachusetts, USA here.

Great to see so much diversity here!

Warzone Gamez

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guess i havent told anybody where im from yet? well here it is.

i was born in Ohio, moved to Flordia, then to Kansas, then to Germany, then to California, and now, im finally in Arkansas! yes, my dad is in the USAF!

so currently i live in Arkansas, but im moving to somewhere??? next year?
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Hey guys I am from Luxembourg. And yes it is a real country and not part of Germany ;)

Something in Luxembourgish

Moien hoffen dir verstidd daat heiten :)


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Hello from Germany :)
(not bavaria, no lederhosen and not that much sausages. but we have good beer :P)


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Hello, the name is Carlos! Main languages are = Spanish, English, Murican', French, current learning Japanese and Russian.

From the enchanted islands from the Caribbean, a little island by the name of Puertorico!


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Greenville, North Carolina (USA)

Let's hang out and get a pizza or something.

imagine gaming

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Boardman, Oregon.

What's crackin?


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Damn, and I that such a one? I'm from Russia!
And I do not know nifiga English!

Блин, а я что, такой один? Я из России!
И я нифига не знаю английского языка!


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Hi :D I am from Finland and i think there is a some other finland user ;)
IcyTower ;)


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Lima, Peru!!

Hola!  Stencyl es genial!