Have a game, need to make it better


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I have been working on this the last couple weeks.  I am not the best at game concepts/puzzels and need some level ideas.  Anyone want to team up on this?  Looking to launch on iOS.


Arrow Keys and Space for jump.

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For me, the puzzles won't matter until the controls are tight. The acceleration makes the movement feel slippery for me, making any puzzle challenge frustrating instead of fun. Carefully crafted game design mechanics make puzzle design a natural extension of those mechanics.


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Thanks for the feedback!  I tweaked the acceleration and gave it a little more friction.  Feel any better?  Thanks again!


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Just played it not bad! looks decent and feels pretty solid. The world could use more life ( props , background etc ) 


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That's an improvement on the controls - it feels tighter. The acceleration and speed could use some tweaking for my personal preferences. I like it when the character reaches full speed quickly, if not immediately. I think increasing the character's overall speed just a touch would help as well.

Also, the friction on the character against the walls while jumping makes the jumps get cut short. I personally have had to set the friction to zero while the character is in the air to remedy this problem.

You've got a good amount of content generated already, which is great. The first two levels were decent. I played to level three and lost interest once I realized I would have to guess the switch order while riding the slow pinwheel thing.

Hope this is helpful! Keep it up!


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Like the idea and what you have there already, but same thing with me, after realising the button order by going round a slow moving wheel, kinda put me off (although there maybe some that will happily accept the challenge)

But nice idea on the whole, with alittle more polish and decor and stuff, could be a nice little game.


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There are glitches where your guy stays on the jumping animation and you basically floating around on the ground, you can't jump at this point, all you can do is walk off a ledge and hope that it unglitches itself.


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Thanks for the feedback.  I agree, it needs to be a little less puzzle-like and more action based.  Thanks!!!


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Im having massive framerate drops. I don't know why.