My first game - Cub Catastrophe!


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Hi everyone! This is my first major game. This is also the first time I've ever done any sort of coding, so it's still kind of rough. But I really enjoyed making it, and I would love for some feedback so I can improve in the future :)


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You should use "stop all sounds" before looping music to avoid overlap.  Also I got stuck in a tile and the Flash player crashed.  It's possible you have too many tiles connected which can cause collision problems.  Also make sure your player animations and collision shapes are the same or similar sizes.


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The artwork is pretty unique but it's a little rough. You start off at the wrong area. Clicking when you're in the stage boots you back to the menu screen. When you hit an enemy on the top you still get damaged. Recheck the collision boxes, test the game with debug drawing on.

Have you looked at Abigayl's and tuo's tutorials?


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I haven't, but I will. We've started to learn how to use Stencyl for a class here at school, so if time permits I would definitely like to go back and fix everything.