POST data to URL block not giving expected results


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Hi Stencylers,

I'm trying to use the post data to URL block, but something isn't right and I expect it's my grasp of php  ::)

I'm simply posting the data to the URL (in this instance it's an Attribute, but the file on the server doesn't use it so I can't see that being the issue.

The PHP simply returns a string, but I've attached that file too.

I've checked and double checked the URL. When I run the scene with the console open I get the "enter pressed" msg fine, but the next line reads function Function [] ()
See the 3rd screenie. I'm using Stencyl 3, so is this something I'm doing wrong or a bug?


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Unless this changed for 3.0 and I wasn't made aware, the value you'd want to use in the POST block would be a single string "variable=value".

You can use the concatenate blocks to do that.