Is there any bubble shooting game example?


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My initial searching didn't return any satisfying results. Is there any bubble shooting game made in stancyl? I'd prefer to have a look at one, before starting to ask dozens of doubts that I have on the subject.


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Bubble shooting?  There's a balloon shooting game that comes with Stencyl.
PM me if you require help.  I'm always glad to help out!


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I don't think there's anything like that. The only difficult part is to code the bubble placement and popping. Which you'll probably need to use the Tile API or something similar. The idea is that all the bubbles are placed on a grid.


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Well, they are placed on a matrix structure, but as they are presented as a fake "hexagonal" distribution, there are some tricky things to take into account when you want to pop the correct bubbles. I'm not yet comfortable coding with stencyl, that's what I wanted to know if someone had had this experience before, because in the end i'll have to make an algorithm that finds neighbor bubbles of the same color, and I think some recursion would be handy, but right now I don't have the necessary knowledge of stencyl guts.


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You gotta do? I'm really wanting to do this type of game.


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Hello, my question is similar to that of the companion runumals, can something similar to this game be created?
with the tools provided.