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Hey, I just released my first flash game made with Stencyl.
Check it out here at
If you enjoy it than please rate it, and help me spread the word.

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Stop posting this in other forum areas where it doesn't belong.  The "found a cool Stencyl game" thread is not for self-advertisement of games, and neither is chit chat.


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AustinFarmer90: Consider this an official warning. There is no need for 6 separate posts, in places where they they would be off-topic or inappropriate, to state that you made a game with Stencyl. I've accumulated all your posts here so the magnitude of your spamming can be blatantly and obviously clear.

If you release a game, start a single new topic in Announce Your Game or in Stencyl Jam 2013 if it's for that.
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Its a good game for your first game. Good luck for the Jam.