Tiny Tomb Robber (iOS)


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Pretty damn spiffy  XD that first level is  tricky if you're dumb like me lol. but yeah you can do so much with that formula.


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Demo updated, lots of visual Polish!

Char-Animations, Plants, Fire!

Level-Design will be started!


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Wow, this is coming up really fantastic. Love the character's idle animation.


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level 1-7 are playable!

also found someone to compose some music, but still looking for a cool title.
I really liked Tomb Slider but its taken. So something with Puzzle, Temple, Tomb, Gravity...
Suggestions are welcome!


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Puzzle Temple Tomb Gravity, FTW.
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Just had a play. Top drawer! Really struggled to get a gold rating, which is a good thing.
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hello, shit load of level design today 1-20 playable.
I will join the contest with world 1 Jungle Temple with 24 levels.

Will definitely try to make that into a full game later this year with world 2 Desert-Tomb and world 3 Ice-Crypt with more mechanics and more painfull deaths ;D!


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My opinion of this game.


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Congratulation ! THIS is a really great game ! nice graphics and it looks greeeaattt !!!


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It just keeps getting better! Congrats this is awesome! Need a mute button for music.


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thanks everyone!

Rocked the Level-Design this weekend! 1-24 done.
The last 4 Levels are pretty hard, be warned, only for experienced Adventures!

Small sound updates and Main menu polish.

Music still pending, and i want to make some small idle animations.

Named the game Super Excavation Puzzle, for the lack of a better name, will have to work on a name for the "final" Version ;)

Demo updated!


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I've enjoyed playing the first couple of levels - it's good fun.

I would echo the comment about the font - I couldn't read most of it. I thought the torches were going to kill me, but then I realised they were purely decorative!

Looking forward to seeing the final version.
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Wow. I just gotta say, This is an amazing game. Something that I would pick up for my phone. Beautiful graphics, smart mechanics, and FREAKING AWESOME DEATH ANIMATION! sadly, i have an android phone, not an IOS one, so hopefully this comes to the android as well.
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changed the font already, also good point about the flame, will try to reduce it and make it more of a background item!

If you play the game, please tell me how you liked the level difficulty progression and which levels you had a lot of problems with.



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Just fantastic :) Nothing more I can add :)
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