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Here's my entry for the Stencyl Jam 2013. It's CoinCollect! A very casual coin collecting game.


Move mouse to move the slot.
Click left button to make the coins jump.
Eat the golden coins and avoid the red ones.
Press P to pause the game.

It's beat the high score game. Right now the higest score is 1,293.

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Wow, i could only get 218 :)

This is a really good game, i value `fun` in games more than anything else and this is pure fun. Quality work, good luck with the jam!
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Very simple to get, fun to play. Nice!
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wow so good looking and smooth. great work!


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Very nice i like it.


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Thanks for the kind words, everyone.. :)

@ gruffman : I could never cross 600 and I play tested it from start to finish.. :p


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Yay, I got $603. Its simple but harder than it looks. :)
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Simple but effective.. I got over 800 before I gave up :D lol


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komalrajsingh showed me a very early 'concept' version of this game - literally a moving block and some bouncing circles on a grey background.

I think the progression through to the completed product is almost a paradigm for how most games should be developed - certainly for those who are new to Stencyl / game development.

This game demonstrates how a very simple theme and game-play can be made into a professional-looking final product. The mechanics and game-play were proven to work before time was spent on making it look nice. Even in its early form, there was something addictive about catching the circles in the slot.

The development of the game shows that, once the game mechanics have been put in place, pretty-much any theme can be put in place, and this can be aimed at a specific target audience. The chosen theme was saving and loans, but it could have been cute, furry characters in a field (or any one of hundreds of different of ideas).

It would be great if
komalrajsingh could upload a very early version to Stencyl Arcade (maybe put it in the WIP section). It would be very helpful to show new Stencyl users how the game started out in the developer's mind, and was then themed, with intro screens and audio, etc, subsequently added to the game.

Good job!
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@ everyone .. Thanks.. ^^

@ Innes I'm flattered .. :3 .. Anyway. I built the whole game on that very early prototype. So it'd be impossible for me to go back but i'll build a different game with that simple mechanic and post it on stencyl around the weekends.


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creative simple game ^^ ;)
just doing my best


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I love the music! :)

- Tobben


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Very interesting concept and design. Good work!


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Simple and effective! I had a quick question, what did you use for the leaderboard?


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Thanks..  :) and I used mochi scoreboard.