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Hey What up all im new on this forum and i just whant a know if someone can create me a  behavior super attac kator Like

When i have exemple 70 point of energie i can use a super attack like kamehameha  is for use it in real time atction like for the action adventure game plz answer me fast !


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You will likely not find any help like this. Even if you do, having this alone won't work and so you'll be at the mercy of more help.

With that said, go look at the Stencylpedia and read through the articles. Look at Abigayl, Sunrise, and tuo's tutorials.

Doing it yourself will make your game better and it will make you feel better. Hopefully.


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Like dtrungle said, the fact that you're having to ask this makes it clear that you don't have a grasp of the basics. Once you understand how to use Stencyl, you'll be able to answer this question yourself.
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But i have to use behavior code and event no ?


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Lets say you have energy as a game attribute that's a number.

you'd also want a boolean attribute called SuperAttack

so the block might look like

When Updating
[if ENERGY >= 70] set SuperAttack to TRUE

hoping this will help a little!


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YEah that what i whant thank you very mutch