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great start - how do i fight the wizard to get in? hehe :-[


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Talk to the NPCs (press UP near them), defeat the battles, and eventually you'll have the chance to face the Wizard. But you can't proceed after that, as there's no more content. You do get a 4th extra battle though.

Alexin, would the little stop when landing be the source of the problem, or the general feel of the motion? I redesigned part of the battles, and didn't reevaluated the main character motion when doing so.
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The brief stop when landing seemed a bit odd at first but I eventually got used to it. It does contribute to the overall stiffness, though.

The major problems to me arise during battles. I would like land a strike and get back (without the dash back?) or jump but it feels like the character is glued to the ground, and I can't manage to dodge most the adversary's blows.
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