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Yay, finally finished my first Stencyl 3.0 game :) There are still a few bugs I need to iron out, but everything works.

Use the arrow keys to control the Yellow Ninja dude.

Your goal through the 20 levels is to deactivate the laser by pushing the button, collecting the key and getting to the door.


Have fun and please let me know what you think :)
It's all fun and games until somebody get's a shuriken in their eye!


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Awesome game! :D I must admit I checked the hints...
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Great little puzzler! I used the hint 2 or 3 times although I was 'close' to figuring it out by looking at the quote. Did not encounter any issues. Nicely done. :)


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Pretty neat! I like the concept a lot. The one I got stuck on and had to use a hint was #9.


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Nice "one level" kind of game, although the scrolling parts were a nice addition.  I finished with no hints and then went through again to get a faster time.


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Hi guys, thank you all for your feedback :-)
It's all fun and games until somebody get's a shuriken in their eye!


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Great stuff. I neeeaaarly clicked on hint in level 19.
No bugs encountered.

One suggestion: Please add more levels (I know it's unlikely since the name is x20... but there's always room for a sequel :) )
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Thanks heaps, I'm happy you enjoyed it :) I've had quite a bit of feedback regarding lagging on the scrolling levels.

I'm pretty sure, that the cause is the Stencyl Layers issue. I'm trying to do some optimization now.

I will probably make a sequel in the near future ... maybe ButtonX20r2 (round 2) haha.
It's all fun and games until somebody get's a shuriken in their eye!


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simply brilliant.  :)
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Lol nice game! :) My score was terrible :D I Will be faster next time ;P

- Tobben


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hey true gem!
animation polish is pretty awesome, like the dust particles!
could you elaborate on how you did them?


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Hi h1rnz1lla

I've attached a screenshot of a section where I use the particles.

It's a pretty simple setup ...

I have a behaviour for the dust particle that has a SizeMin, SizeMax and FadeTime variables as well as some code to send it in a random 360 degree direction on creation + kill itself after FadeTime has elapsed.

When the player lands I create this particle a certain number of times and set it's SizeMin, SizeMax and FadeTime time according to how high the fall was (I set these variables from the player movement behaviour).

The Counter variable in my screenshot is just a variable that holds the Y Speed of the player and it gets reset when the player touches the ground.

Hope this helps and thanks again guys :) I'm happy you like the game!

It's all fun and games until somebody get's a shuriken in their eye!


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Very cool.  I loved the retro feel and the smooth animation.


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Are you aware your game is now featured on Kongregate with a 3.8 rating? :D