Trans Atlantic Flight


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Trans Atlantic Flight

Trans Atlantic Flight - an endless game with interesting flight mechanics designed specifically for Stencyl Jam 2013 Contest. Keep your plane in the air by avoiding some mad birds, collect points and various power ups such as extra speed, points and fuel. Fly as long as you can!

Game futures:
  • Dynamic parallax scrolling (as higher speed, than greater effect)
  • Deep effect (extra speed makes all objects less for a short time)
  • Starfall effect (allows to pull all stars to youself like magnet)
  • Dynamic high score counter
  • Toggle sound button
  • Autosave options
  • Global leaderboard

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Outstanding Job! Addictive gameplay and solid graphics. Have you considered adding a global leaderboard?


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Thank you for your reply.
This is my first Stencyl project, so I still have something to learn. But in my next game, I will definitely implement this feature. Thank you.


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Solid graphics and addicting game-play,you nailed it. ;)
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Really nice; fun to play and cute graphics.

I think I would have played for longer if I could have had access to more fuel.
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hehe, nice interpretation of the jetpack joyride mechanic, solid game!


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Nicely done! Very slick.


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Thanks all for your feedback. Very inspiring!  :)


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Love the graphics. Love how cute the plane looks. I'd definitely want this on my tablet. :D


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great game! try to make each star grants fuel, just a little so we can keep flying. and the fuel bonus gives more.  ;D
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Love the graphics. Love how cute the plane looks. I'd definitely want this on my tablet. :D
This is exactly what i want! Android and iPhone is my next step  :) Thank you.


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Such a beautiful game.  Kind of depressing when I come to look at my own pathetically shaded blocks.


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First class, if you don't get some decent sponsorship $$ for this I'll eat my hat
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Definitely a good game with a simply executed concept! I agree with Innes though. Its too easy to run out of fuel and placement of the fuel things appear to be too little and too random. Still, it works very well.
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Just uploaded new version of Trans Atlantic Flight.
1. Stars giving some fuel;
2. Global leaderboard added;
3. Primary icon changed;

Thank you for all replays. From now, the game is ready for the Game Jam.