Enters/Exits Region doesn't work occasionaly


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Hello everyone,

I'm an Italian guy and I'm sorry if my English is not so good.
I hope I'm posting this in the right section, let me know if I've to move my post somewhere else.

I'm pretty new to Stencyl, I've got a basic AS knowledge and I'm trying to make my first game (I'd like to partecipate to the Stencyl Contest).

I'm pretty happy with the prototype I've build and now I'm trying to optimize my behaviors, so I can reach a good framerate.

There are many questions I'd like to ask abput framerate, but I'll start with something strange, something that seems a bug to me. I searched for similar problems around the Forum, but I didn't find anything.

So, here it is:
- I created manually some Regions.
- when the player enters one of them, a "block" disappears and reveals a hidden place.
- initially I used enters/exits Region Events (see the attachments 1 and 2), but occasionally they don't work.
- it happens very rarely, but I can't pretend nothing happened.
- I decided to replace the events with an Always Event (attachment 3).
- in this way it always works fine.
- the problem is that my game lose from 3 to 5 FPS using the Always Event.
- I can't believe that enters/exits Region Events work occasionally, in that case case they would be useless.

Some more info:
- the player has "enable continuous collision detection" activated
- the issue happens when the player enters/exits the Region with any speed (both fast and slow)
- the Regions are not so big (from 100x100 to 300x300 px)
- the enters/exits/always Events are attachet to the "blocks" that will disappear once the player enters the Region and reappear when the player exits the Region

Do you think I'm doing something wrong, or Stencyl has a bug with them?

Thank you very much for helping me :)

PS I've attached a log file as well