[Updated to 1.1] Monetize your Android game with the AdMob extension!!!


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Hey, I set my ad position to "top" in the settings but it's still displaying at the bottom.


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I have installed it and it runs ok, but I noticed I look at the same ad over and over again. It is not changing the ad...

Is this normal?

Figured this one out. You can change this in admob itself. put it on 30 seconds now. I now have more ad impressions :D
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I was searching for it in all stencyl.. Is it possible to integrate Admob  for iphone builds on 3.0 Can some one help me out with this


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I already answered on your other thread about Admob.  By "help me out" did you mean "make it for me"?


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yes i mean make it for me....Is there some one who will make it for me..


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Hi there!

AdMob Extension 2.0 for Stencyl is now available! Check it out at:


I have created another thread for this new version because I think that this thread is too long and can confuse new users. Please close this one!
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