isometric game kit help please

hello i just downloaded the isometric kit  v2 and im having trouble working it from as far as i can tell from the premade debug level it comes with it i think that it uses layers  and regions to make the enviroment instead of the placment thing cause all of the enviroment stuff is not visable in editing for the debug level but is visable when i use the test button so how do i work it please cause its really hard to work out ps no this is not explained in stencylpedia

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It's best to ask the person who made the kit (I think it's captaincomic).

nobody ever responds to my pms here so how can i get in touch with him  by the way i meant the isometric v2 kit by geminai  i have correced it in the thingy


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Gemini hasn't been on the forums in a while, so he probably won't see your PMs. As far as I remember, yes, he used background images and regions for his geometric kit. To be honest I wouldn't recommend doing an isometric game with Stencyl at the moment, unless you are happy to experiment at lot. My kit isn't easy to use either.