how to make sounds go in senquence

hello im making  a type of of audio play  thing in stencyl i have most of what i need done but i couldent  figure out how to make several sound effects sound one after the other  in senquence to make a conversationand sincei cant afford an actual sonud  editing program to just combine them its very hard please help


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Audacity is a free sound editing program, or there are other open source programs out there.

There are a variety of ways to play sound in sequence. If each sound was 2 seconds long for example you could use;

when created play sound1
after 2.2 second play sound 2
after 4.4 seconds play sound 3

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If you using a lot of sounds it is easier to do a loop:

When created {
     Repeat '10' times {
          Do after '(loop count - 1) x 2.2' seconds {
                Play sound 'Sound + Current loop count'
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