Overcoming Stencyl's Scene Editor


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Okay, so I stadardized my scenes as 800x600 with 32 pixel tiles. I just accepted the fact that my last tile will be 24 pixels tall, whatever. Now here's what.

My actors are all build in different sizes, but all have sides that are either multiples or divisors of 32. So far, so good.

Then I want to place, say, two actors that are 16x8 side by side on the bottom of one cell of my grid. The question is, how do I do that, besides placing each actor and editing their position with the inspector?

Yes, I tried to change the tile size. Stencyl resets it to 32 when I reload, and even when it's still, say, 8x8, when I click to put the actor in the position they snap to the 32x32 grid instead. Setting up the initial tile size as 8x8 is a bad idea because this means my tiles would be resized ti 8x8, and that'd be horrible.

Pics later, but I hope I was clear enough in the description of the problem.


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Scene Editor does not snap to grid as default, so doing it manually in editor shouldn't be a problem......?
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It wouldn't, if I had pixel perfect movements. I do not, though, so this means I'll have to adjust it all manually anyways, so at least with the grid snapping I know the positions will all be multiples of 32.


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It wouldn't, if I had pixel perfect movements.

Pretty sure you can nudge objects with the arrow keys.
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And if you use shift it'll allow you to move them according to the defined grid size. Thanks.

But what's the mystery that we can't do that by simply clicking?