Having trouble making rooms (scenes) permanent when solved.


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Hey guys, I'm working on a little 5 room puzzle game just to get the hang of Stencyl; it's called Day Care Adventure and I'll post it on Stencylworks when I'm done.

I ran into a problem where I can't get rooms to stay solved after completing the riddle for each one. So it's about time I joined the forums I thought :3

I've had no problems taking info with me from scene to scene with game attributes such as a basic inventory, but having the doors stay unlocked and the NPCs and dialogue changed never sticks. I've included pics of the events I have set up?

Here for example I'm trying to make it so that stepping thru the door after solving the room takes you to a solved one. I'd appreciate any insight into what I'm doing wrong or if there's a better way to handle multiple scenes I'm not thinking about!

 - B!


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At a guess, just setup a boolean game attribute for each room, eg scene1_solved yes/no

Use these to keep track of whats going on.

Then if entering exit region,
   if scene1_solved = true
     goto scene2
     goto scene1
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