Mr Pig's Great Escape

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Help Mr. Pig escape the farm and get to his goal of freedom! Run and jump through over 15 levels of increasing difficulty. My first go with pixel art and making a game.

Link to the game on Newgrounds:

Some video's of the game in progress:

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Gratz on your progress! I do remember watching old yt vid from your game. A lot have happened to it since then :D But still those epic moonwalk chickens ^^

Did love the music, graphic and lvl design.
I did enjoy playing! Because I did enjoy it and want it to success I have some suggestions with pictures:
^ Would be nice if all the saws was made like this. That it is connected to something and not just flying around in the air. Like rope, wood, like the picture. A machine etc. So it looks even better :)
^ If you hit the wood under the saw, you die.
^ same as picture above
^I don't enjoy jumps like that. Right before I did that jump over the spikes I could die from the saw before landing. I could not guess from the other side of the spikes where the saw was. So I did die a lot on that saw. Would be nice if the saw stopped at the end of the wood. So your jump/landing is more skill based and not luck.
^ change collisions to the spikes. 2-3pixel down or so. If I move 1pixel to the right I would die from the spikes. Actually after I took that picture I did jump straight up and landing on the same spot again but died from the spike.
^ 0 clue what happened here. Died a lot on that part. But for some reason I didn’t respawn after dying. The game didn’t froze since the saw did move. Maybe you have to use do after 0.2sec etc. to give the restart scene code time to work. Maybe that would help. I didn’t player longer after the respawn problem since I had to start all over again.

All the saws need to change collisions, it feels like it is a square, not too sure about that. Make it 2-3pixel smaller. Those parts where you have to duck under saws. I felt sometimes that I died when the saw had past me(hope you understand what I meant)

It is some problems with the chickens. Most of the time I could stand still and let the chickens run on me and they dies. Other times I could jump on top of the chicken and then I die.

Good luck with the game! :D

- Tobben


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Solid game all around, comes across as something that should gain sponsorship for sure :) I liked running through the chickens and causing them to explode to be particularly enjoyable :)
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Thanks for the kind words gruffman, I really like your Hero of Oda game.
Thanks again Tobben for your compliments and constructive crits. I'll take them into consideration for a revised version, and thanks for letting me know about the death freeze and possible fix.


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I got the same problem as Tobbem, was enjoying it but after dying quickly twice the character wouldn't respawn. Good game though