Canon (a LD48 game)


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Thought I'd join all of you who made LD48 games and enter mine into the StencylJam as well.

Canon is a simple but challenging action/rhythm game based on the idea of simply changing the topology of a standard jump-and-dodge game. You control four jumpers at the same time, one on each side of a square, while moving obstacles move around and you end up playing four identical jumping games in canon with each other. Canon is essentially four parts action/jumping, one part bell ringing and some undetermined amounts of square dancing.

I've put together a gameplay video from some of the later levels so you can check out what it's like when things get tough. Screenshots don't really convey the idea of the game very well. Oh, and this was made with Stencyl 3.0. =)

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This is pretty good concept. I like it, simple yet clever.


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This is really good fun, completely frustrating, but in a really good way. You may want to work on the difficulty as "relaxed" is anything but. Still, one of my favorites so far! Great job!

p.s. fix your links too : )


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p.s. fix your links too : )

Whoops! I just did, thanks! Forgot that I didn't need quotes around my url with the forum code thing. =D


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Very clean and cool game. However, I couldnt even survive 1 loop on the regular difficulty (two blocks)......
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