Wonder Soup ! (Private Entry)


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A little child, an orphan, desperate with hunger, misery and grief attacked his destiny and decided to write his own story which bubbled as the WONDER SOUP!!

Wonder Soup is a puzzle game where you make soup for the unfortunate kids at the orphanage. The game features 40 unique puzzles, rich graphics and original licensed soundtracks.




Let me know if you like the art and the style... [/i]

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This game is inspired from my favorite childhood story, some of you might have guessed it by the iconic line in the screenshot. The game is complete and playable on flash, iOS and android (more fun on mobiles). There are a couple of bugs which is my understanding, will be fixed with the forthcoming versions of Stencyl. I am linking them here, just in case someone hase a better idea about it.
1. http://community.stencyl.com/index.php/topic,21345.msg124130.html#msg124130
2. http://community.stencyl.com/index.php/topic,20117.msg117403.html#msg117403

Thanks to the beta testers:
- dtrungle, Ridhwaan, revenant, Konsoradical, The 8 Bit man

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Just want to offer a shout out and say that this was a good game and placed second in mobile.

There have been many drop block games made with Stencyl, but this is one of the better ones I've seen with Stencyl and was overall, a job well done.