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Telebot is about an unwanted partnership between two robots. Can they learn to work together?

Play on Stencyl Arcade

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"Press down to swap"

I could have used that information on level 5 that I almost quit on :P


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How very clever! I like it! The creativity of that one warping mechanic and splitting walking and jumping between the two robots makes for some very unique level design. Very good job!

@Rob1221: So THAT'S what I was supposed to do on that level 20ish area... yeah, if you get through an area too quickly, its possible that one will miss vital tutorial info.
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Thank you the positive feedbacks :)


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Fun game and clever game mechanics.

Level 12 lagged for me a bit, which was weird, I didn't notice any lagging anywhere else.
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Thank you @Unept
I will check lvl12  ;)


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Please provide a logo for the arcade (it's a staff pick). Thanks!