Can't Test Game [SOLVED]


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For some reason when I try to test my game, nothing loads up but the background.
Anyone know why?

Thanks for your time!  :)

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it's A or B what only matters is that at least one of the two is the thing that is causing all the trouble.

A. Just the background.

Solving A. to solve. Try one of the three:
 Save the game.
 restart stencyl.
 restart the computer.

B. Prompt error.

Solving B. Can be A2 B2 C2 D2 E2 (A2 Is help from the prompt of stencyl).

A2. Fix the behavior/actor/scene.

B2. restart stencyl.

C2. restart the computer.

D2. Fix the behavior/actor/scene (like A2).

E2. Delete the behavior for the scene/actor (sometimes behaviors have bad codes that don't make any sense).

Not helpful. . . Reply.

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Turns out that all it took was a computer restart!
Thank you shy guy! ;D