Super Beard-a-Tron (on StencylForge)

For some reason or another it wouldn't let me upload to stencyl arcade or export as flash, so i put it on stencylforge under "Super Beard a Tron"  and hopefully that will be fine.

This is my first adventure into game making and pixel art. In "Super Beard-a-Tron" you play as a nun called Nun-Ya as she tries to defeat the evil robot Beard-a-Tron. It's your standard plat-former in terms of gameplay, but i tried my best to make the visuals interesting. Anyways here's some screen shots


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Thanks for the submission - you may want to consider using Dropbox, SWFMill or some publicly available means to distribute the game. Not everybody who comes by our Jam page will have or want to open up Stencyl to play it.