EVA a sci-fi themed top down shooter *finished (with)*


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I started making this to learn stencyl, it's come along very nicely and has loads of cool features done in a half-assed fashion. I am now far better prepared to create something this aweome but with much cleaner code and organisation. Theres a few things I could still do to improve and expand this but as it is I have a finished 'my first ever' flash game which has been liked by everyone who has seen it so far (inlcuding my mum) (she was rubbish at it) :)

Sooo, I'm gonna replace a few placeholder buttons, put my name on it and put it on the internets where it can be ripped apart by trolls and/or admired for what it is.

EVA 2 is going to win like Charlie Sheen.

p.p.s THANKS TO EVERYONE who helped me get this far this fast, thanks to everyone who gave feedback, helped with technical stuff and entertained me in stencyl chat.

Peace (but with more guns and blood) out. MyChairHasALooIn

I'm hoping this will be a good advert for stencylworks

*yep you've read the update now*

I've spent a fairly devoted few days on this since I thought of it and come along pretty far I think,
I'm constantly adding and removing new things hence the already high version number.

Really need an intro/title screen and somewhere to tell people the controls.
wasd or arrows keys to move, mouse to aim and fire, p to pause
 short controlled bursts waste less ammunition

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pretty cool, and very atmospheric. I like the creepy background sounds. It would be nice if you changed the mouse cursor into an aiming reticle. Also sometimes when I got close to an enemy my bullets wouldn't hit them


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Just had a round (or four) of your game. Loving the retro feel! Well done!


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pretty cool, and very atmospheric. I like the creepy background sounds. It would be nice if you changed the mouse cursor into an aiming reticle. Also sometimes when I got close to an enemy my bullets wouldn't hit them

Very small actor for the enemy and very fast bullets I'm actually not sure if its fixable :)
I'm working on an animated reticule atm that shows the spread at whatever range its resting at. it's proving hard because I'm crap at trigonometry, it would work in a similiar way to the ammo hud object, being drawn by the game on the go.


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I really like the atmosphere here. It has some kind of Metroid vibe to it. But I dont get what I am playing there. Is this supposed to be a soldier? A robot? Something else?  Could become a really good game if you keep on working on it!

The lightning thing is really cool too. Would be awesome if you could explain how you made this, cause I dont see a good way to get something like that done.


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The lighting is 3 things interacting,

a boolean game attribute switching between false and true as directed (named lightson so that lightson = true remains logical)

a lightmask, basically a really big black sprite with a hole in it slaved to the players position that points at the mouse. (one of the resons the resolution is so low is stencyl did not like swinging really really big sprites) this disappears when lightson = true.

the scenery lights, made of 2 non looping animations, lights come on and lights go off, switching as the boolean game attribute switches.

the main character is a thing, possibly a space thing, its an issue atm I want to change and animate it some more, but while its okay as a placeholder and I have so much else to work on.....


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Major update, still the same tiny level but with a new enemy type, money, health and ammo pickups, and best of all persistent corpses. Because everybody loves a trail of destruction.


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As I said in the other topic, you've got something pretty impressive here. I can't wait to see how this one evolves.


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How did you make the Stencyl icon so small and disappear so quickly? Thanks!
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Holy balls, that is awesome work!

I think you should flesh this out into a full game before moving on. It is a lot of fun and could easily be a great game with some more levels and variety in enemies and weapons. Or, you could just make EVA2 and blow our minds! Great job!


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I am sort of making this, in an entirely different setting and all, but it is also the whole flashlight top down shooter thing. Cool! Yours looks really good. Your lighting system is way better than mine, I just had a black cover following the mouse just like you though.

one of the resons the resolution is so low is stencyl did not like swinging really really big sprites

I know, hey!? I'd love to do dynamic lighting but the overlay is the only way I'm seeing it work out now. I was thinking of adding secondary shadow layers to NPC's and enemies, but so many layers would probably turn the frames per second down quite a bit. One day when computers are better this'll get easier.

Keep on working on it! Your efforts are making me more eager to work on mine! :)

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That's pretty fancy what you did with the shadows, looks really cool. I'm curious how you're achieving the effect. Are you drawing black polygons that extend out from each tile?

 It runs at 60 FPS on my computer, but I'm on a really nice PC at the moment. The controls are a bit wonky right now though, the character will continue to move in whatever the last direction I pressed evenif I'm not pressing any keys.


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Yeah, man, that's exactly what I meant too. Looks nice though. There was this one horror game on Kong about caves that manages to make it work (sort of) without a great slowdown. I'm not sure how to achieve that in stencil, because of all the layering slowing it down. I'm on a computer from around 2003 and it's standable but not if any action happens.


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The game runs at 8-10 FPS on my computer. Could have been worse, but that's OK.

The biggest bug is that it doesn't stop moving once you release the arrow key.
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