StencylJam 2013 numbers


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Here's a few fun facts about the StencylJam.

2 games were announced but not completed.
88 qualifying games have been submitted for the StencylJam.
11 of those entries were for the special Mobile prize also.
71 users submitted 1 game, 7 users submitted 2 games, and 1 user submitted 3 games.
7 of the entries were LD48 games started and finished only this past weekend, only 1 of the LD48 games was a user's second entry to the StencylJam.
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Very nice numbers. If the Jam was only for a month it would probably have gotten at least 30 entries which is still awesome.


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How many diopters have been lost in the last 24 hours of the Jam? :)

Jokes apart, congrats to all participants and good luck! :D
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Yey, I'm 50% of all the not completed entries!
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