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Since this is a new thread for artists, I thought I'd share some of my things and some info about what I do...

I'm a composer and music producer (I take peoples' recordings, stick them together and make them sound pretty!). Here's a taste of my work (right click and choose 'save link as' or 'save target as':

I also do game related music (not just as an intro to a heavy metal song) and you can find all that on my site. You can download the free-to-use music from Stencyl Forge too!

If you have a friend who needs mixing and mastering done for his music/band, tell them about me!
Thanks for reading/listening!

Just so you know, these songs are part of an album I will be releasing for free towards the end of the year. Follow me on Facebook to get an alert when I release it and other songs. :)

P.S. These songs are under an All Rights Reserved licence.

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I'm assuming those 2 songs aren't Creative Commons?


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When I went do download some of your AWESOME music I didn't see that you  gave it an ARR licence. So are they really... free?


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Those songs there aren't Creative Commons, sorry to disappoint guys. I put them in the "Creativity" section for that reason. If you're interested in hearing more in that style then send me a PM and follow me on Facebook and I'll let you all know when the album is available (as a 100% free download).

On the other hand, music that is in the Forge -is- CC (I had to put ARR because the standard licence in the Forge allows for commercial use, I put the licence I want in the "Licence details" section), and free to use as long as your project isn't commercial. :)

Thanks for the compliment. :)

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I downloaded this to my IPOD its so awesome :)