Need Graphic Artist for profit share


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What I need:
A graphic artist of reasonable standard to help me make a game. I am open to ideas but I would either like Pixel Art or Minimalist Silhouette Art.

Mochi Media Account (I am not willing to make an iOS/android game as I do not have a dev account)
Previous work (at least 1) to show me (doesn't have to have been used in a game)

I am willing to split the profit fairly depending on the amount of work you contribute (About 40%)

What I will do
I will do the programming and sound for the game as well as supply part of the game design

How to apply
Either PM me, email me ( or send me a FB message (link in signature)
You must supply at least on piece of work as well as any ideas you have.

Thank you for your time :D
Need music, graphics, scripts? Just ask!


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I just sent you an email with some more information. Hope I can work with you in the future!