Game Concept/Idea: Crane Puzzle Game.


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I've had this idea for some time, and intend to begin working on it.  The concept came after both playing a game similar to tetris, and watching video of an overhead crane loading containers. 

This is my concept/idea.

Players take control of an overhead container type crane in one of two, maybe three settings.  They view the game through a top down type of view, much as the crane operator would.  Their task is to pick up containers from trucks as they arrive, and then move to load them in the ship or on train cars.  Controls are relatively simple, but the game increases in difficulty as the play continues. 

For example:

At start of play, the player must lower the container grabber to a truck, pick up that container and then move it onto the ship.  There are a number of difficulties, with penalties being added for damage to the container, dropping it too far, or too fast, and lastly a scoring/quota system that the player must meet.  Such as load 5 containers in a set time limit.  Added difficulty could be various types of containers that require special handling, such as tank (liquid) based containers, and different ship types, or railcar types.

I've already begun some work on this, at the very least fleshing the idea out some.  The questions I have here are as follows:

Do you have suggestions for difficulties, or hazards for the game?  Possible level ideas, or just general play concept ideas.


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Sorry, this is a bit off topic, but I'd like to see a sort of "road rage" function built in, where the crane is used to purposefully destroy things. Just saying :D