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I know, my english is extremely bad, because I'm russian. (you can imagine my scary accent). But please, don't walk away from this page, and try to understand.

My pseudonym is "frenetic virtual orchestra".  My wallet is empty, but my brain is full of phenomenal music. I have three albums of different music (every genres). Most of them in a classical crossover, OST and some other. You can listen a few of them on soundcloud


PLEASE! Check this out. I want to write music for people, not for myself. There're no balalaika, bear's screams (but if you're making a stupid russian game, i'll try).

I can't do it for free. only if you're any famous game-designer. 

Contact -  (don't write difficult, or I'll translate it with google and who knows?)

Imagine, music for your perfect game was written by genius, unknown russian guy! Uh? This is sexy! :)


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Thanks for posting, I enjoyed your music! I'm not in the market for a musician, but perhaps someday. Good luck!
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