Infernus- Chapter 1: Dawn of Requiem


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Infernus: Dawn of Requiem

In a post apocalyptic world zombies have nearly cleansed the world of the uninfected. Only a handful of the most hardened and resourceful remain. Those that remain continue to fight the zombie hordes in an attempt to find a way to reverse their condition, or failing that a way to eliminate the zombie menace once and for all.

B.E.V.E. Zombies
No one knows where it came from, and to this very day no one knows how to stop it. The anomaly known as the  Bio-Electric Viral Entity (B.E.V.E for short) showed up around the year 2013 and by the middle of 2014 had infected nearly all life on the face of the earth (Plants, Fungi, and single-celled organisms being the only things immune)

Once infected the victim changes rather quickly. The first change is general behavior, they quickly become violently aggressive to just about everything around them with the exception of other BEVE infected organisms. As time goes on the presence of the BEVE begins to mutate it’s host. The host then begins to mutate to adapt to it’s environment, Leading to a host of different EVES or ElectroViral Enhanced subjects, commonly known as an EVEs.

The Electricians
Those who go out and face the BEVE Hordes are known as Electricians, and consist mostly of what’s left of the earths major military forces. Their sworn duty is to protect the remaining uninfected and to constantly search for new ways to combat the BEVE menace.

Electricians cary special equipment into the field called ESD (Electro Static Disruption ) Generators. These generators send high frequency radio waves through their armor which effectively blocks the BEVE from jumping into their system. These generators however cause no small amount of discomfort and only the strongest can utilize them and still remain effective in a combat situation.

The Plot
About three months prior to the start of the game, a distress signal was received from a building in the middle of the city of Portsfield. The man sending the distress signal claimed that he had discovered a way to reverse BEVE infection, and that he would give this technology to anyone who came to his rescue. Two months later the city of Portsfield sank into the sea for no apparent reason. Three individuals were then chosen to go into the building, find out if the man was still alive, rescue him, secure the “Cure” and bring them both back safely.

Name: Mary Rothchild
Rank: Elite Troop
Mary Rothchild is a living legend even amongst the Elite Guard. She has survived more encounters with the EVEs hordes than anyone. She is the only person ever to have encountered the mysterious Midnight Beast and live to tell the tale, though she did lose her favorite Shotgun in the encounter. She was an obvious choice for this mission as with her on the team their chances of survival are literally doubled.

Name: Leon Curtis
Rank: Master Engineer.
There isn’t much left on earth that Leon Curtis can’t pick apart and put back together in better shape than when he had started. The only thing he’s better at taking apart than putting back together are EVEs. Leon was chosen for this mission for two reasons. 1: To clear any mechanical obstacles out of the way, and 2: to evaluate the target if it is found, and to come up with a way to transport it back to HQ for further examination.

Name: John Lunsford
Rank: Secret Intelligence Officer
John Lunsford is a master at all things espionage, from bypassing electronic locks to Hacking computer terminals no one can best him in speed and efficiency. John was chosen to participate in this mission to deal with any kind of high tech security measures they may run across as well as for reasons the military have claimed are top secret.

Gameplay will have elements of a point and click adventure, with the added challenge of the possibility of randomly generated RPG style battles as you move from room to room.

More to come as I make more progress.

Progress Made
Core Engine (Inventory and Battle Systems): 20%
Story: 50%
Puzzles: 15%
Graphics: 2%
Sound & Music: 0%

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Wow really in depth, can't wait to see some concept art or game play video! Hopefully it's as good as it sounds!
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