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I've also found that several of the files won't run because of errors. Could this be because I'm using a later version of Stencyl and the book files have to be converted before running the test?

It could be, but I'd expect the sample files to work okay after conversion; I'll download the files and check them. If necessary, I'll provide Packt with the updated files.
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I have just completed chapter 1 to 7 in the book.
Something rather odd happened at the end of chapter 7:

I'm not sure if I've made a mistake or there is a mistake in the "code" given in the book.

The game starts with the Main menu.
And then I have 3 levels., that come in the right order: Level 1, level 2 and level 3.
When i complete them all the Game-complete scene comes up with the start button at the bottom.
If I click the "Start" button on the Game-complete scene. I go right to level 1 as expected.

Here comes the odd part:
But if I then complete level 1, I dont go to level 2, but to the start of level 1.
And when i complete level 1 for the second time i co back to level 1 again. And so on...

Have this happened to anyone else?
Any idea why this happens - why the order of level work on the first play through, but then get stuck on level 1 on the second play through?


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Congrats Innes! If only you didn't have to pay... but, whatever ;D


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ive been trying to look up specific information about these stencyl books. I was wondering what book would have more advance behaviors. I would like to buy a book that has a certain behavior. I need a book that explains how to create a actor behavior that I like to call the "grab and throw". I need to create this behavior for a game ive been working on. I need a book that can help me understand more about logic blocks, to hit a enemy pick up the enemy and throw the enemy towards another enemy. Any guidance would be great. thank you.


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[EDIT:Sorry, I was a bit premature with the above message!]