[Simple game] Designer/artist looking for coder


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Hey there :)

I am Jonas or Jonasspil, im a 15 year old guy from Denmark.

I reacently joined the Stencyl forums, and i feel like getting started making a game. I dont have much experience in working with games, so i think i will start with something small and simple to learn from.
I mostly work with graphics and art, so i will do so in the game development.

What am I looking for?... A coder/programmer

  • The person dont need to be super experienced but just someone who is willing to make a simple game with me :)
  • If someone wants to start with a small game, and then work on more games with me in the future , then i would love to make some partners or "development friends" :)

Here is some of me artwork...

And a wallpaper i reacently did...

I know this isent game graphics, but i hope it gives you a idea of my design, style and skills.

If you are interested then let me know by posting here or send me a PM.
I would love if you could maybe send me some of your previous work or a description of other projects you have been working.



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That is some very nice pieces of art. How long have you been drawing/designing. By the way, what kind of game are you looking to make?
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Thanks man  :)

I have been drawing in hand for a long time now, but i just reacently started using tablet and photoshop.

I think it might be good to start with something simple like a platformer. Though it depends a lot on what the coder wanna do, im pretty open to anything that can get me some experience and traning in game design  :)



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Hello I am willing to work with you if you still need help. I too need some more experience and would like to "grow up" alongside you. I am 16 years old and am starting to program my own game as well. If you are still interested please respond.
~Tony :)


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Hey :D
I'm fifteen myself, and looking for someone to collaborate with. I have a small background in game development, and would love to work with a group. I have some experience in programming, design (2D and 3D) and I'm very familiar with Stencyl. I've tried a few times to make games, but I always had too much on my plate, and never really got anywhere... but it did teach me a lot. :)

~ Uxizaado
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16 year old programmer here.

I'd love to work with you. I'm really down to make anything you want;I don't really have a project atm. I've programmed for most of my life mostly making flash games ect. I have experience with 3D games as well. Although not as much as I do with 2d games.

I really don't have that many examples of my work as I usually scrap em once I finish .

PM me if you're interested in working together.