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Currently it's myself and Cassio working on this RPG in Stencyl, but with my professional job becoming more demanding, I need someone else to take hold of the programming.  Here are the details:

Payment:  $50/month + %10~15 revenue from game sales.  I can only pay by Paypal.  However, that $50 will be REDUCED if milestone is not met.  How would you know if the milestone isn't met?  Simple.  I'll have a list of what needs to get done and by when in a Google Excel Doc (or regular Excel if need be).

Milestone details:  Every milestone will have detailed information of each step related to the GDD.  Creating custom events, scripts, random variables for enemy encounters, item drops, player character level ups, inventory list, player character equipment scripting, and NPC interaction, amoung the rest.  If you have any questions, I will answer them as fast as possible.

Applying:  While goat sacrifices are fine by my standards, society frowns upon such acts.  So therefore, sending a PM directly to me will suffice.  Along with said PM, please provide a sample of your work(s) or those you had helped with, a portfolio, and how many hours you believe you can put into this project a week.

Scale of project:  40mb is the goal, but willing to stretch it to 50mb, mainly due to the art and music.  The style is that of 8-bit, but with 74 monsters, 8 bosses, 6 character classes and their perspective class upgrades, that really does add up in mb.

What to expect:

1.  Actor (boject) movement, interaction with objects, removing objects (i.e. enemy killed in battle or (last) item used in inventory).

2.  Region placement and coding, having the player party stats updated throughout each scene, level up system.

3.  GUI creation, although keeping it 8-bit style simple.  Look at Final Fantasy (NES) for reference.

4.  Loading, saving, and deleting save data.  Since this project will be for PC only, no need for iOS scripting.

Genre:  If I hadn't made it clear before, the project is an RPG that pertains to the simplstic styles of the RPG of yore (ie - NES era), but with a more modern approach to attack, character and spell animations.

Theme:  Fantasy, but with a twist of character classes.

Synopsis:  The four Titans have awoken from their slumber, and after 1000 years of peace they seek to regain their position as "guardians" of the world once more.  The player will have a party of 4 characters, each class with unique abilities and traits, traveling the land, ocean, and sky to bring these Titans down once and for all.  There aren't any puzzles to solve, but few side quests to take up to earn more EXP, money, and items.

Vision:  Nostalgia, really.  Playing an RPG with that old school feel of being drawn into a world of mythical wonder and danger.  Targeted towards fans of the RPG genre, with the age range being of all ages.

Technology:  Stencyl 2.0/3.0

Platform:  PC

Target aim:  Perhaps indievania.com or some other indie site, but will most likely have a company site ready to have our project sold on there instead.

About us:  I started Armandra Studios almost 5 years ago, with little to no success due to members dropping out, personal life being taking too much of my time, moving from one country to another, not finding the current engine to my liking, etc etc.  So far, we have released one game, Final Warrior, on newgrounds.com, and will have more released in the coming months (Alucinatio being on the end of May).

Team:  I have an artist who has been with me since the beginning, but he's working on another project (Magi Slayer).  So for this project:

DariusSlayer - Founder/Game Designer/Project Manager/Money Bags
Cassio - Artist

Contact:  If interested, please PM me.  When I do select you, I will include you in the Official *insert game name* Thread  :)

UPDATE:  We have already found a programmer, but need an artist to work on scenery art, tile sets, and UI art.  Payment will be $50/month, which is all I can afford at the moment :/

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Hello I am willing to help you out should you still need it. I will not need to be paid but also cannot work 24/7 so you may want to find someone else to help collaborate with me. Please respond if interested.
~Tony :)


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Currently in need of an artist to help work on scenery art, tiles sets, and UI art.  $50/month payment is all I can afford at the moment.


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Currently in need of an artist to help work on scenery art, tiles sets, and UI art.  $50/month payment is all I can afford at the moment.
Hello, I'm a beginning pixel artist, and I think I can do what you want, how you want it :) I private messaged you, but figured I'd follow up on the thread :)

[The wizard I made, inspired by Final Fantasy NES, and the candlelit room isn't finished, I still need to do shading and details :P
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Yea, kinda-sorta forgot to close this topic, because I already found an artist :/

Well, I do have another project, "Because Eff You, That's Why" which will require a better artist than myself to help work on.  And if you know programming, as well, then all the better.