A more intuitive atlas managment system

so i started using the atlases and i think i have the understanding of it just  few things i have to work out.

so here is my sugggestion:

how about having a option where if you click on a tab and all the resources that are in your game pops up in a option box. when you click on a actor a dropdown box appears where you can assign  the actor to a atlas. there should be a reload button that updates everything  i submitted a rough drawing. this may not solve loading and unloading scenes with behaviors but it will make it much faster to move and shuffle your actors instead of having to open them up manually one by one. just a thought


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This is a pretty good idea. We're going to do a makeover of the game settings editors in 3.x, and this falls under that.

Wonderful i guess i can put the atlases aside and work on something else until 3.0 comes out looking forward towards it.you guys are doing a great job regardless of our whining.


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Justin has implemented this for 3.2.