Want To Sell Your Game Templates???

Marie from IndieGameDesigner.com here.

Our game asset store is growing in popularity every day but we want to widen our reach and make Stencyl a bigger part of it and need an expert to join our team.

We are looking to team up with the most talented Stencyl coder our there to sell Setncyl game templates on our game assets store as soon as possible.

You get to keep 100% of the sales, that's right, no commission from us. But you have to be good, productive, offer customer support in the IGD forums and keep your templates on IGD.com.

If you are interested and have the skills, get in touch: mail@indiegamedesigner.com

A link to previous games or templates is a must.

Thanks to everyone who got in touch! We've found someone to build the templates for our store we are no longer looking for someone.

We are sticking with just one Stencyl developer just now, I'll post again in the future if we make IndieGameDesigner.com and open store for everyone to sell on.