Stencyl Jam 2013 - The Winners


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=== The Winners ===

=== Honorable Mentions ===

Treasure Bear by lapada

Persist by AdventureIslands

Up to You by PapaGrimbles

In addition, we liked Frank N' Slime, Potato the Destroyer, The Hamger Games, Shelter, and Wonder Soup.
We also found Flying Chops and Treehouse Guardians to be visual standouts.

Play all 88 games!

=== Our Thoughts ===

To put it lightly, we were blown away by the results of this jam. Never have so many participated (many first-timers), and never have I see a wider variety of games to come out of a Stencyl Game Jam than what came out of this one.

On a whole, the games were thoughtful and well-crafted. There were many quite good games that didn't make the cut but would have easily placed in the early jams. At the top level, we were splitting hairs, with Tiny Tomb Robber edging out Quantum Corps for being a particularly elegantly and thoughtfully crafted puzzle game that played great on both mobile and web. The Tower Defense game, though not the most original concept in the world, was well-executed and a blast to play.

Overall, we were elated with the turnout for this jam and the quality of games produced and in doing this, feel that the community as a whole has taken a step forward in its game making prowess. We'll be running another jam in the future alongside Newgrounds, which co-sponsored last year's StencylJam.

Happy Stencyling!

- Jon

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Max Finch

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Great job everyone! I can't wait for the next contest!


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Congrats to all winners! excited for the newgrounds jam.  :D


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Congrats to everyone! My assumption on who would win was right.  ;D


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Fantastic job, guys! This was definitely the most successful game jam yet.


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Congrats! :D
And thanks for mention! :)
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Siren Games

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There were many awesome games submitted.  Congratulations to the winners and all the honorable mentions!  We're coming guns blazing to the next jam.  Be prepared. ; )


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Yeehaw, second place! :) Congratulations to the winners and runnerups :)
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I had great fun producing a game from scratch in 8 days, I'm not surprised it didn't place or earn a mention, it was in many ways, rubbish, but the core concept has some merit I think.

The winning games, and quite a few of the others were all fantastic to play, I can't wait for the next (newgrounds) jam!


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Oh wow! Super happy  :D

Again thanks to Jon & the Team for providing such an awesome Tool, to let people express their creative Minds with Games.

When we finish our interactive Kids-Book, we will start serious Production for Tomb Robber, with more Worlds, original Art and more fun Mechanics.


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Congrats to the winners!


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hahah ah knew tiny tombs would take it!

Also big thank you , I'm defiantly working on making this in to a full title with action packed ladder climbing animations! 

Congratulations to the winners! some great work produced for this Stencyljam.


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This was fun to do and very satisfying to get something completed!

Congrats to all!