Pencyl wont run? [Solved (pretty much)]


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I've tried running pencyl from the stencyl editor and nothing happens. I thought that was odd, so I went to the StencylWorks folder and tried to run the pencyl.jar standalone; nothing happened as well. No errors, no nothing. Do I need SDL, OpenGL or any of those libraries to run it? I'm on Ubuntu 10.10 with no gpu or anything. I'm also using OpenJDK not SunJDK. StencylWorks runs fine but not Pencyl. Help?

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If you run pencyl from the command line, it should print out some sort of error. That said, it's a 3rd party program that we've rebranded, and I'm unaware of any special dependencies. It doesn't require OpenGL or anything of that sort.

I will say that OpenJDK has given StencylWorks some issues in the past. Trying the Oracle JDK would be a very good bet.


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Alrighty, I might just specify me editor to GIMP since thats what I'm familiar with. I don't have much Hard drive space to work with on my 2003 computer.

Odd, how do I run the command again? Its not finding the file with /home/[myname]/Desktop/StencylWorks/pencyl.jar

I'm not a command line pro X D

Oh btw, the java image editor that pencyl is based off of does work fine.

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If you are running Linux (Ubuntu) I had the same problem. I had to install Sun Java 6 Runtime and select it as the default for opening Pencyl. Now it works for me just fine.

Note: Leave the OpenJDK 6 Runtime installed. Otherwise Stencyl will fail to open.


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I'm sticking with GIMP because I have 636MB of space left on mah hard drive. Thanks anyways!