BigFish - The Game


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I just had my first Stencyl game go live on the app store.  Currently, it is available as an iPad game. 

Welcome to the fish eat fish world of BigFish!
News and Updates
All levels are completed. Check in soon for an announcement of our launch date!

Swim through tanks as you try to avoid predators and get to the top of the food chain. Only the BigFish will survive.


    Simple touch gameplay
    Original character and tank designs
    Challenges and achievements
    Game Center support

Can you survive the perils of the aquarium to become the BigFish?

You can view it on the app store here:

You can also follow us on facebook here:

Thanks for checking it out!  I hope that you all enjoy it.

Coming soon will be the iPhone port followed by other platforms.


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Fix to android pls


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Big fish! the Gods of copyright won't be happy