Anger on the Street


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Good Day Stencylers

this is my new game, this time i was playing with Catapult engine

This is my version

Anger on the Street
The people are angry about the politicians who poop all over the streets (real facts)
Let´s stop them

I made the drawings digitally handmade with Wacom Bamboo Tablet
3 Levels with 13 stages
10 NewGrounds Medals to unlock
original Music

Good Day

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I like the wicked art, music and sound effects! ;)

Would be nice to have the chance to scroll the scene horizontally within the gameplay.
Just to get a better overview.


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Mazeon Thanks for play and Comment, you are right i dont know yet how to scrooll the scene, but i made a change it will make a better overview

it used to be 480x320 new version has 960x320 of screen size is double large

i also work more on backgroud elements, new double large version has new drawings



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'Under destruction' made me lol  :)


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Btw this is one of the most strange choices of resolutions i have come across.. by design?

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what is the name of other version ;D


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Thanks both for comment and play

Vikingpotato, yes is was necesary for desing to doble up the large of the screen, you know i was so little, now it double size, easier and better to play


last version is the same name (not golden version) and is not longer anymore at stencyl arcade, but theres a copy on NEWGROUNDS you can check

good day everyone


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Yeah it's a nice game :) Any chance of coming of it coming to Android?


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Yeah it's a nice game :) Any chance of coming of it coming to Android?

XdeadRau, thanks for play and comment

Well i would like to make a version for Android and Apple, but i have no license on store and my stencyl version can created movil games until that, maybe if i found a partner i can created it for phone


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Nice job, Munguia, you gave the AB-type games a new feel. Love the art too ...