Stencyl 3.0 Reliability and Release Date


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Hi all,

I've had the pleasure of looking through Google/GameSalad/Stencyl forums for a day or two, but I'd still like some clarification on some things.  I know a bit of Java and lots of Visual Basic (worthless language..?) but I only have 3 months to design, create, and release this application, so Drag N Drop seems like a good option (but I could be wrong about that?)  As far as I can tell, Stencyl seems more flexible and powerful than GS, and easier to use than other Lua options.  I keep reading bits and pieces about writing portions in Java with Stencyl, although I don't quite understand how that's possible to export to both OS if that's true.

Anyway, my main question is: Can anyone please name a couple of applications that have been exported to Android?  I only saw PacMob when I checked.  Also, can anyone from Stencyl guarantee that if I spend my time, money, and resources working on this application, that I will be able to publish it flawlessly on Android devices by the end of August?  The game is being created for a business and will mainly be focused on education and the pursuit of man's well-being, not very graphic or coding intensive.  Given that this is a new feature, have users experienced problems exporting to Android systems thus far?

Thanks a lot!


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I don't publish to android, and haven't looked too in-depth into it, but it seems like it might not be easy to publish. Then again, it may just be the issues that always plauge Android devs.

3.0 is quite stable, though.


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It is really working fine over Android.


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Buying a (mobile)license is a very good investment in my opinion.
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