Die on Collision With Tile (Plz help I'm a noob)

       Okay, so Stencyl is a great program and all but there's so much that isn't working for me and it continues to not work every single time I try something new. I'm trying to make a simple maze game. You know, like the Scary Maze? Well, when I get to the part where I program not to touch the walls (just black tiles) nothing works. I downloaded an actor behavior entitled 'die on collision with tile' and attached to scene: Level 1. Nothing. I looked at Stencylpedia, and then I tried to set the group "players" to collide with tiles, and then "tiles" to collide with players, blah blah blah. Still nothing. Stencyl also seemed to provide a "when this actor collides with something else" event but now they don't. I have Stencyl version 2.1.0. Please, whoever can help me will make me happy. I just want to know the program better and be confident that I can make something good from it. If you need pictures just ask, I didn't know what to put since I don't know the problem in the first place.


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In the coding for your player, make your own collision (with a group) event. Set the group to tiles. Inside the code, tell it to kill self. That is all you need. Premades only make things messier; don't rely on them. It's much better to learn through tutorials instead (i.e. http://www.stencyl.com/help/viewArticle/102/ )

Also, be sure that in your group settings that you have your player's group set to collide with tiles. If not, it won't happen in the first place.
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