Game details and properties suggestion.

So here is my suggestion. I was wondering if you guys had plans on including a properties tab or some form of text that displays  the duration of animations, a animation preview button along with  how many mb/kb the actor or animation is composed of. For instance, when you look at the properties of a image on the desktop. It gives you details about the  nature of the image. also maybe have a resource monitor that shows your total game size that only include images and sounds and other game resources.

My reasons for this is that it would make it easier to monitor game size and set a target game size that, would allow you to create a game, with specific devices in mind. Also  make it easier to distribute resources to a atlas. Just a thought for future versions. i know that there is alot work involved and deadlines have to be set.


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I believe this is more or less taken care of with the revamped atlas editor. Moving to completed.
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