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Ok i was wanting to upgrade to the pro package. Simple and easy.

But my question is if i buy the pro package and later upgrade to the studio package will i be charged another $200, or will i only have to pay the extra $120???

So to but my question in stupid words, if i buy pro and then studio later how much do i have to pay?

Sorry if this a repost, i look it up and found topics close to this but not really what i wanted.

Also the reason i will be buying studio at a later time is because i just want to wait to have both mobile and desktop publishing... I might be doing a mobile app in the future, and dont want to wait that long, want pro now!!!



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I'd suggest contacting Stencyl directly: http://www.stencyl.com/about/contact/

Based on other things I've seen, I would think there is some sort of a upgrade deal, but I doubt that it would be just the extra amount. I think this is handled on a case-by-case basis (since the upgrade part likely wouldn't be for a full year if you update in the middle of the package).
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Yes, we do this on a case by case basis.