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How do you attatch controls to your avatar?


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explain what you mean by avatar? you mean main character?

Building logic in stencyl games always revolves around cause and effect. On any given actor or scene, you can specify if something happens, what subsequently happens as a result of it. This is done within the "events" area of an actor or scene, or within a behavior preset that is attached to an actor or scene.

so if you attach input blocks, like "if x key was pressed", you can put within that what happens as a result.

While Stencyl is a very accessible tool that allows people without traditional programming knowledge to create games, it's still a somewhat involved piece of software that will require you to invest some of your time in to get good results back out. In particular, it will take at least some degree of effort to learn the basics of logic building, at which point many possibilities will open up for you.

I suggest starting at the beginning. http://www.stencyl.com/help/view/crash-course/

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