Do you want to see STENCYL as a publisher?

YES, it will be great help for me
4 (33.3%)
NO, I can sell games myself
2 (16.7%)
I'am not sure about this....
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STENCYL as a publisher


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I want to suggest to make Stencyl as a publisher. Why i think it's necessarily:

1. Game-making is a good hobby but, making good free games this is almost not impossible.
And making game, this is just 50% of work, to sell game sometimes even harder than to create it.
So, stencylers have a great tool for making games, but they alone in the dark when need to monetize it. And when Stencyl will provide publishing features, it will be completed game-making tool.

2. Big stores as Apple or Google can't pay money to developers from most of countries. And laws in most countries don't allow to  legally works with this stores.
So developers in this countries need to have intermediary to sell their games in the Apple and google stores.
Stencyl can be a good intermediary, selling games on the stores with Stencyl Brand, and send money to the developers by typical contract as a royalty. This is legal everywhere.

3. Stencyl can easy promote the games, spend money on placing most promising games to the Stores TOPs, and order announcements on different most popular game sites.
This all easy when you make it centralized and often.
Also, when publisher have more games, this is easy to find more games from this publishers, because it is always shown in the bottom of the store page.
So, stencyl games will promote each other. And it will help to make stencyl games visible to the people(common problem in selling games - people just can't find it without direct link)

4. As all other publishers, Stencyl team will get 30-50% from sells. it will help to Stencyl grow faster, make more improvements in the software, and also to have a good profits(publisher have giant money almost from air).

This is as I think main reasons why Stencyl need to be a publisher too.
And I'm sure there is even more reasons.
Also, when more Stencyl games will be noticeable and popular, more people will want to work with Stencyl, it will give more good game, that will give more profits to Stencyl team, that will help to make tools more amazing, Stencyl games more cooler and earning more profits and respect for Stencyl developers and Stencyl that will get even more fame for Stencyl games.... this is until Stencyl became a giant as EA, Unreal, Blizzard etc... than probably will be needed something new.

What do you think about it?


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I think that this idea could be a very good one, particularly in the long term, both for Stencyl and beginner users who don't know where to start when they have to sell their games.

Unfortunately I don't think that Stencyl can become a publisher today or even tomorrow and this is why:

 1. If Stencyl wants to be a famous publisher, then it needs to publish only great games which have to be polished, bug free and have to draw the attention of a lot of gamers. Not all games have these requirements: most of the games created by beginners (like me) do not have these requirements while skilled Stencylers may not find it necessary to sacrifice 30~50% of their earnings just to skip the publishing process.

 2. Stencyl team should review every request not only to check if it is a bug free game, but also to see if it's a great game. If it isn't a great game, Stencyl wuold have no interest in publishing it because a not-so-good-game = not-so-interest = not-so-many-downloads/plays = not-so-many-people-see-Stencyl-name and not-so-good-earnings. Result: Stencyl does not earn very much.

 3. Stencyl gains popularity and money only if they publish great games. Publishing not-so-good games would damage its reputation, so only few out of houndreds or even thousands games wuold get Stencyl's interest. Anyhow Stencyl as a publisher would be out of reach for most of the beginners.

 4. Reviewing games takes a lot of time, particularly if you want to be sure that the game you are reviewing can be a potential hit. At the moment the Stencyl team consists of very few people and drawing their attention on such a time consuming task it isn't such a great idea.

However I think that this could be a good idea: perhaps, one day, we will see something similar...
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But games from famous mobile publishers not always so good...

And of cause, only best games must to be published.
This idea came to me when i downloaded game from Playground constructor, that helps to publish games created in it, and this game on the top of android store, while this is not so perfect game.
And I like many stencyl games more than this game and most games from best publishers.
I am not about EA, Gameloft and etc, I am about cheap games, that people plays one or two days.

Also, we are all know about success of Impossible Pixel from jooohnn,

And polishing it is just matter of time, and invested efforts.
if developers will know that they will have a chance successfully publish their games they will working more hard


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I have the impression that the Stencyl team is quite small and laser focused. While I would love help selling my games, I would rather Stencyl is master of one trade and not jack of all trades.

A well made game that has an audience will always sell, at least as far as I can tell from my time on fgl.com
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I have the impression that the Stencyl team is quite small and laser focused. While I would love help selling my games, I would rather Stencyl is master of one trade and not jack of all trades.

A well made game that has an audience will always sell, at least as far as I can tell from my time on fgl.com

My words exactly.. Being a publisher is an entirely different thing, for one..
Secondly, until developers go out and face the heat, realize the condition of the market, of the word outside stencyl sample games, they cant shine (might not be very related but i had to say it)

I too felt the need for a unit which is trustworthy and close, to take care of marketing for the games and thought how awesome it would be if stencyl had its on publishing unit, but that's not something that seems realistic for quite sometime.


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Of cause not all at once...
first time it can be not superduper promotion
but anyway for start it will be a great help.
And there is can be different plans of support and different rent started from 10% and till 50%
I know that Stencyl team have many things even without it now, but first of all I'm thinking about future of Stencyl. I want to support this project, because with it i can make games(that is not impossible without it) and this is my lifelong dream, but i realize that even 200$ in a year this is not too much, but from other side, I can't spend on this APP more without income from games.
And I think it will be fair if i will share with my profits with Stencyl team.
With Stencyl as a publisher the developers can earn more and Stencyl can earn more if will help to the developer. Developers will promote Stencyl and Stencyl will promote developers.
This is a symbiosis where developer and Stencyl team will help each other.

May be i'm wrong, it is all just my thoughts of cause, but if it will be not too hard to implement i think we need at least to try this option.


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Your intentions are good, but this initiative doesn't work for us on a number of levels. It comes down to time/resources, but I'll elaborate.

- Working with developers takes a lot of ongoing time and energy that we can't spare. I know this because we ran a "Stencyl Incubator" for a little over a year, working with high-level developers to secure some contracts through our connections. This was not only a total failure, but a huge waste of time.

- We often get customers who want help integrating APIs for sponsors. We did this early on until realizing that it was a huge waste of time, and we couldn't bill for it because my rate would exceed the value of the sponsorship.

- The average expected outcome for a Stencyl-made mobile game isn't very high. The games that stand to make the most will opt out, and that leaves us with games that might be good but don't have much monetary potential, to the extent that we'd actually lose money trying to support them. If you view it in terms of contracting work, we could spend several hours assisting the developer, but we wouldn't make that money back in the rev-share, even at the highest 50% take. In a recent topic on Hacker News, several developers called a rev-share agreement "suicidal."

If you want to be a publisher, the best way to do it is to have the social capital to provide immense value to prospective developers. Some do it by building up a huge audience to advertise to (FAAD, App Gratis), some have deep, comprehensive industry connections that can secure coverage and app store placement. We don't have any of that, so aside from offering advice, I'm not sure how much we can help an app in meaningful ways that will generate the return that we and the developer would like to see.

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